The Cops, also known as Policemen in Japan, are the police force of the cities of Eagleland in EarthBound. The Onett police force is infamous for a large amount of road closures, and the Fourside police force appears to be corrupt. The Onett police force is also severely incompetent, preferring to close roads rather than deal with actual problems, such as the Sharks.

Ness must battle five police officers in Onett, all in a row, before he can move on to Twoson. The last of these officers is Captain Strong.

During battle, Cops can attack using Crushing Chop, a special ability recognized by all Cops, as well as Captain Strong, and other rogue policemen that appear in Twoson and Summers. This attack may deal moderate to high damage, depending on the character.

In the EarthBound Player's Guide, they are called Crooked Cops, but in the game itself, they are simply called Cops; this misconception likely stems from the greeter of Burglin Park dubbing them "crooked cops". Coincidentally, "Crooked Cop" is also the name of an unused enemy that is simply a clone of Captain Strong.