Conducting Spirit
Conducting Spirit
Ereki Supiritto
Sprites Electric Ball Sprite
Relatives Conducting Menace
Appears in EarthBound
Status Common
Hit points 587
Psychic points 329
Offense 130
Defense 139
Speed 26
Guts 5
IQ 8
Experience reward 30390
Wealth $804
Drops Brain Food Lunch
Location Lumine Hall

The Conducting Spirit is an enemy in EarthBound, encountered in Lumine Hall. It is a yellow palette swap of the Conducting Menace, and may appear near a Fobby, Hyper Spinning Robo, Uncontrollable Sphere, or another Conducting Spirit.


Conducting Spirits have high PP, and a handful of PSI moves, including PSI Flash (α, β) and PSI Thunder (β, γ). As such, they should be taken out first. The Night Pendant and Franklin Badge provide the best chance of defense against these attacks, especially since Flash β can unexpectedly run through a party; this also means revival items (e.g. Lifenoodles and Herbs) should be on hand.

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