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Conducting Menace
Conducting Menace
Sprites Electric Ball Sprite
Relatives Conducting Spirit
Appears in EarthBound
Status Normal
Hit points 445
Psychic points 238
Offense 107
Defense 107
Speed 20
Guts 5
Experience reward 14792
Wealth $574
Drops Bottle of water (1/32)
Location Cave of the Pink Cloud

Conducting Menaces are enemies in EarthBound, appearing in the Cave of the Pink Cloud. They sometimes appear in pairs, and may appear alongside a Tangoo and/or Kiss of Death.

In battle, they appear as electrified skeletons, based off the "x-ray" effect seen on electrocuted characters in cartoons.

Oddly enough, they use the song: "Battle Against a Machine" even though they aren't a machine.


Conducting Menaces wield dangerous PSI attacks - PSI Thunder and PSI Flash (both α and β) - and should be taken out first. The Franklin Badge is needed to reflect the electric attacks, while a Night Pendant can protect a party member from PSI Flash.

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