Sprites Cleocatra
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Common
Type Zombie
Level 35
Hit points 402
Psychic points 128
Offense 118
Defense 55
IQ 30
Speed 84
Experience reward 612
Wealth 98 DP
Drops Secret Herb
Vulnerable to PK Fire, Paralysis, Bombs
Location Underneath Aeolia's house
In-battle theme And Yet, El Mariachi

The Cleocatra is an enemy in Mother 3. They are most likely the first enemy the player will encounter during Chapter 7. They can be encountered in battle in the underground path beneath Aeolia's house to Osohe Castle. Their battle theme is And Yet, El Mariachi. They can also use Lifeup β.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 20 which falls under Code Numbers 496 for regular attack, 497 for Smaaaash! and 498 for Miss.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown if the Cleocatra is a chimera or just fauna.
  • Cleocatras are named after Cleopatra, a notable Egyptian queen, alongside the fact that Cleocatras look like Egyptian mummies of cats.
  • Its mummified appearance is likely a reference to the fact that when a pharaoh dies, they are buried with their pets.

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