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Sprites Clayman Tired Clayman
Origin Clayman Factories
Relatives Every other Clayman
Affiliations Pigmask Army
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Boss
Level 20
Hit points 879
Offense 72
Defense 23
IQ 5
Speed 10
Experience reward 200
Location Osohe Castle
In-battle theme Cumbersome Guys

Claymen are a race of enemies in Mother 3. They are made by the Pigmask Army who mold ordinary clay into the likeness or a humanoid, then by giving the antenna atop the figure an electric shock which causes it to "come to life." This creation process was established by Dr. Andonuts. There are several factories throughout the Nowhere Islands where Claymen are birthed and recycled. The Pigmask Army's most significant purpose for Claymen is their physical labor, as they are cheap to produce and have great strength and are seen working several times. Claymen are also used for security purposes, such as when Duster and Wess are confronted by one at Osohe Castle while the site was locked down by the Pigmask Army. Later in the game, the main party encounters a Forlorn Junk Heap, an old, worn-out Clayman that has been thrown away and left to decompose in the dump. Part of the main storyline involves you getting a "part time job" leading drained Claymen to recharge.

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