Chilly Dog
Chilly Dog 1 Chilly Dog 2
Sprites Chilly Dog Sprite
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Type Animal
Level 37
Hit points 337
Psychic points 80
Offense 108
Defense 40
IQ 36
Speed 50
Experience reward 505
Wealth 68
Drops Secret Herb (10% chance)
Vulnerable to PK Fire, Sleep
Location Snowcap Mountain
In-battle theme Astonishing March

The Chilly Dog is an enemy encountered in Mother 3. They appear on Snowcap Mountain. Chilly Dog's name is a play on words involving the food known as chili dogs.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 31 which falls under Code Numbers 852 for regular attack, 853 for Smaaaash! and 854 for Miss.


Chilly Dogs can bite their foes, use PK Freeze β, or call another enemy into the battle. If a Ten-Yeti is present on the enemy's side, they will use the Chilly Dog as a bludgeon of sorts, inflicting moderate damage to multiple targets. Their battle theme is Astonishing March.

Like most of Snowcap Mountain's enemies, they are weak against fire, as well as sleepiness. Chilly Dogs may drop Secret Herbs when defeated.

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