Cheery Skeleton
In-Battle Cheery Skeleton
Sprites Overworld Cheery Skeleton
Origin Dungeons/basement of Osohe Castle
Affiliations Li'l Big Bros, other Cheery Skeletons
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Common Enemy
Level 14
Hit points 109
Psychic points 0
Offense 45
Defense 16
IQ 12
Speed 20
Experience reward 62
Wealth 0 DP
Drops Sprinting Bomb (10%)
Vulnerable to All Elemental Attacks, Salsa's Special Attack
Location Basement of Osohe Castle
In-battle theme Even Drier Guys
"Gets cranky once it's grown tire of acting upbeat, even cursing at the rattling of its own dry bones."
Battle Memory

Cheery Skeletons are enemies in Mother 3, first encountered by Salsa in the basement of Osohe Castle in Chapter 3. Their physical appearance is that of a human skeleton with abnormally large skull and small chest and pelvic bones. In the overworld, they appear as scattered bones of a man. If approached, the scattered bones form into a skeleton.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 31 which falls under Code Numbers 852 for regular attack, 853 for Smaaaash! and 854 for Miss.


This enemy can

  • Throw a bone, dealing light to moderate damage.
  • Do a dance, possibly solidifying a party member.
  • Tickle a party member, lowering their Defense.


  • Their in-battle theme is Even Drier Guys. They are the first enemies found in the game to have this theme.
  • Even Drier Guys is a faster, louder variant of Drier Guys. It may refer to the Cheery Skeleton's 'dry' appearance.

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