For the theme that plays when this chapter starts, see Chapter 4.

Club Titiboo is the fourth chapter of Mother 3, that starts off showing cutscenes of Tazmily Village after 3 years from the events in Chapter 2 and 3. Then the screen shifts to Flint's house and shows Lucas waking up in his pajamas. Most parts of this chapter takes place in a live house called Club Titiboo, where you meet Violet, a cute waitress who is actually Kumatora, and Lucky, the bassist of the band DCMC who is actually Duster with an afro wig put on.

The chapter marks a dramatic change from a purely fantasy enviroment to a fusion of fantasy and Mother standards (i.e. rock music, a monetary system, modern buildings and technology, American 1990's sterotypes, etc.). Lastly, it is the fourth and final perspective change to the perspective of the main protagonist Lucas.


  • If Lucas walks tries to walk outside in his pajamas, a flashback from the Prologue occurs.
  • This chapter introduces DP even though it was foreshadowed in Chapter 2.(Technically Chapter 3 because Fassad gave the money to Butch before Duster knew about it.)
  • From this chapter and onward, the train conductor says 50 DP for each person or 100 DP for the green train. This means the player cannot pay only 50 or 100 DP for a train ride without hacking, since the player always has 2 or more party members at a time when they can get a train ride.