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Cave Boy
Sprites Cave Boy Overworld
Appears in EarthBound
Status Normal
Hit points 314¹²
Psychic points 0¹²
Offense 21¹²
Defense 33¹²
Speed 5¹, 79²
Guts 0¹²
Experience reward 618¹²
Wealth $17¹²
Drops Picnic lunch (128/128 chance)¹, Double burger (4/128 chance)²
Vulnerable to PSI Fire¹²
Location Winters (with Jeff¹, Ness and co.²)

Cave Boys are enemies in EarthBound, located near Stonehenge in Winters. There are two different forms of the Cave Boy; while it has a 128/128 chance of dropping a Picnic lunch when they are first encountered by Jeff, its speed increases and it drops a Double burger 4/128 of the time when Ness and his party are in Winters in subsequent visits. Their moves are also extremely different; they can only bash Jeff, while against the whole party they can shout in a loud voice to lower a character's Offense and Defense or swing a club for greater damage. They are always extremely weak to PSI Fire, but have a complete immunity to Paralysis.

Dr. Andonut's co-worker, an apparently nonviolent Cave Boy that he calls Big Foot, sells Ness and co. items in Dr. Andonuts's lab in Winters.

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