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Cave Boy
Sprites Cave Boy Overworld
Appears in Mother

Cave Boys (Big Foot in Earth Bound) are large enemies in Mother and EarthBound. In the former, they are much hairier and resemble a monkey due to their hair and lips, and are one of four enemies in Snowman. In the latter, they are located near Stonehenge in Winters. There are two different forms of the Cave Boy; while it has a 128/128 chance of dropping a Picnic lunch when they are first encountered by Jeff, its speed increases and it drops a Double burger 4/128 of the time when Ness and his party are in Winters in subsequent visits. Their moves are also extremely different; they can only bash Jeff, while against the whole party they can shout in a loud voice to lower a character's Offense and Defense or swing a club for greater damage. They are always extremely weak to PSI Fire, but have a complete immunity to Paralysis.

Dr. Andonut's co-worker, an apparently nonviolent Cave Boy that he calls Big Foot, sells Ness and co. items in Dr. Andonuts's lab in Winters.

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