The following is a comprehensive list of enemies in the Mother series who were discarded during the production and therefore have never made it into actual gameplay. However, by virtue of cheating (for lack of better word) with resources such as the Visual Boy Advance's cheat code menu and the like, one can access and battle some of these enemies. Most unused enemies use Battle Sound 1 as their battle sound which falls under Code Numbers 439 for regular attack, 440 for Smaaaash! and 441 for Miss. All enemies, used or unused that have Battle Sound 1 have either More Mischievous Blues or Unfounded Revenge as their battle theme. These might somehow be related. Battle Sound 1 seems to be the default battle sound for enemies that were never actually given a battle sound (or in the case of a few enemies, no battle sound at all), much like More Mischievous Blues seems to be the default battle theme for unused enemies that were never given a battle theme. Further hacking (such as giving the enemies attacks using hacking software) is required for most of these to use their battle sounds as, by default, they have no attacks at all.

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