A Letter to You, Honey is a song in Mother 3 that plays as Hinawa writes her last letter to Flint before leaving Alec's log cabin. The song is scored for flutes and strings.

She Was Like a Sunflower

She Was Like a Sunflower is a song that plays during Chapter 7: The Seven Needles while Nippolyte is talking to Lucas at Hinawa's grave. It is a remix of A Letter to You, Honey.


Mother?! is a song in Mother 3 that is played in Chapter 6: Sunflower Fields when Lucas and Boney follow the ghost of Hinawa. It starts out as a symphony of scaling strings before it turns into a melody similar to A Letter to You, Honey.

Carrier Pigeon

Carrier Pigeon is a distorted version of A Letter to You, Honey, but shorter, and it gets gradually slower, until it becomes an ominous sound. It plays when Hinawa releases the carrier pigeon, only to be interrupted seconds later by Mysterious Flying Object.

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