Carpet Monster
Carpet Monster Carpet Monster 2
Sprites Carpet Monster Sprite
Relatives Smaller cousins (referenced)
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Common
Level 14
Hit points 132
Psychic points 24
Offense 50
Defense 21
IQ 19
Speed 28
Experience reward 67
Wealth 0 DP
Drops Beef Jerky (15% chance)
Vulnerable to Wall Staples
Location Osohe Castle (outside the Ghost Knight's room)
In-battle theme Serious
"Even household carpets aren't safe from this guy's smaller cousins. Osohe just houses the big ones."
Battle Memory

Carpet Monsters are enemies in Mother 3. They are first encountered by Duster in Chapter 2 in the Osohe Castle and later in Chapter 4 by Lucas and co. They are found moving slowly under the carpet outside the Ghost Knight's room. In battle, they are weak to Duster's Wall Staples.

It's battle sound is Battle Sound 16 which falls under Code Numbers 484 for regular attack, 485 for Smaaaash! and 486 for Miss.

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