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Sprites Ninten's Mother
Relatives Ninten, Mimmie, Minnie, George, Maria, their dog Mick
Spouse Ninten's Father
Location Ninten's House in northern Podunk
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings

Carol is a character in EarthBound Beginnings. She in Ninten's mother, and plays a minor role in the game. She can always be found in the living room of Ninten's House, although she comes outside to welcome Ninten home during the ending sequence. When Ninten and friends talk to her, she will cook them Ninten's favorite food, fully restoring their HP and PP.


  • Ninten's Mother's name was revealed to be Carol in a translation of the game manual.
  • Interestingly, Carol's hairstyle was changed in later releases for unknown reasons. In the original Famicom game, her hairstyle was the same as Ness's Mother 's.

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