Carefree Jellyfish
Carefreejellyfish Carefreejellyfishback
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Level 45
Hit points 485
Psychic points 0
Offense 111
Defense 50
IQ 30
Speed 56
Experience reward 579
Wealth 86
Drops Anti-Paralysis 20%
Vulnerable to PK Freeze, PK Thunder, Sleep
Location On the ocean floor between Tazmily Village's beach and Tanetane Island
In-battle theme And Yet, El Mariachi

Carefree Jellyfish are enemies in Mother 3. As the name would suggest, they appear as a jellyfish. They are capable of using an electric shock attack which affects 3 members of the party.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 17 which falls under Code Numbers 487 for regular attack, 488 for Smaaaash! and 489 for Miss.

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