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Carbon Dog
Carbon Dog
Sprites 8 - Carbon DogShining Spot Sprite
Relatives Diamond Dog
Appears in EarthBound
Status Boss
Nom de guerre Carbon Dog
Hit points 1672
Offense 159
Defense 174
Speed 31
Guts 52
Vulnerable to PSI Freeze, Paralysis
Location Fire Spring
"I am the guardian of Fire Spring. So you've gotten this far have you? You must have a lot of guts to make it this far. Shame it all has to end right here."
— Carbon Dog

The Carbon Dog is the first form of the eighth and final Sanctuary Guardian of EarthBound. It is weak to PSI Freeze and PSI Flash. After 1672 or more damage has been dealt to Carbon Dog, it emits a rainbow of colors and transforms into Diamond Dog.

Trivia Edit

  • The transformation from Carbon Dog to Diamond Dog refers to the process of carbon becoming diamond through exposure to extreme heat and pressure.
  • Carbon Dog is the only Sanctuary Guardian with two forms.
  • Carbon Dog's overworld sprite shines slightly brighter than those of the other Sanctuary Guardians.

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