Bucket Brothers
Origin Chimera Laboratory
Affiliations Pigmask Army, Dr. Andonuts
Location Murasaki Forest
Appears in Mother 3

The Bucket Brothers are characters in Mother 3. They are one of the few beneficial Chimeras that actually help Lucas rather than attack him. They are a choice of Chimera for Doria's Needle challenge, along with Dryguy and Mr. Pump.

When chosen, they will take water into their buckets and pour it into the other pond, slowly but surely. Doria comments about them trying hard ("They're trying so hard!") and admits that they could have done it...given a year.

Trivia Edit

  • They look human but are made of dough, much like Claymen, except those are obviously made of clay.
  • A replica of one of the Bucket Brothers can be seen in the cinema projection room in New Pork City.

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