Bro Team
Broteam BroTeamback
Relatives Li'l Big Bro, Big Bro
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Level 35
Hit points 380
Psychic points 182
Offense 104
Defense 45
IQ 38
Speed 32
Experience reward 447
Wealth 70
Drops Nut Cookie 50%, Beef Jerky 30%
Vulnerable to PK Freeze, Crying
In-battle theme Astonishing March

The Bro Team is an enemy in Mother 3, composed of a Big Bro standing on a Li'l Big Bro's head. They appear in Osohe Castle's basement after Chapter 3, taking the place of Li'l Big Bros. They often attack twice during a turn, and have access to PK Fire and Freeze.

It's battle sound is Battle Sound 16 which falls under Code Numbers 484 for regular attack, 485 for Smaaaash! and 486 for Miss.

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