"No, this isn't a toothpaste mascot. This guy probably doesn't even know what he is, either."
Battle Memory

The Bright Smile is a rare enemy that appears in Mother 3. They are encountered on the Highway after Chapter 4. Bright Smiles appear as big brown spheres with bright gold teeth.


Bright Smiles have a significant number of PSI attacks, including PK Fire β, Counter, PSI Shield, and PSI Flash. Their weaknesses are PK Thunder and Paralysis, and they drop 2000 DP when defeated.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 50 which falls under Code Numbers 909 for regular attack, 910 for Smaaaash! and 911 for Miss. Not including the unused version of Dung Beetle, it is the only enemy with this battle sound that's not a member of the Pigmask Army.