Not to be confused with Nut Bread.
Bread Roll
Appears in EarthBound
Mother 3
Type Food
Cost $12
Sells for $6
Heals 30 HP
Poo Heals 6 HP
Best Condiments Sugar Packet
Dropped from Runaway Dog (4/128 normally, 64/128 for Jeff in Winters)
Rowdy Mouse (4/128)
Found Onett, Twoson, Burglin Park, Threed, Fourside
Description When eaten, you recover about 30 HP.
Mother 3
Cost 30 DP
Sells for 15 DP
Heals 60 HP
Dropped from Really Flying Mouse (15%)
Reconstructed Mole (10%)
Naughty Mushroom (15%)
Found Club Titiboo (attic shop)
Description A bread roll with a delicious, buttery aroma. Restores 60 HP.

Bread roll is a healing item found in both EarthBound and Mother 3.

In EarthBoundEdit

In EarthBound, bread rolls restore about 30 HP for all members except Poo, who only receives about 6 HP. Using it with a sugar packet will increase the HP gained.

Bread rolls can be dropped by the following enemies:

Bread rolls can also be bought at some shops for $12, while they sell for $6.

In Mother 3Edit

In Mother 3, bread rolls restore more hit points, healing about 60 HP.

Bread rolls can be dropped by the following enemies:

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