Boogey Tent
Boogey Tent
Bake Tento
Sprites Boogey Tent
Affiliations Giygas
Master Belch
Appears in EarthBound
Status Boss
Hit points 579
Psychic points 56
Offense 43
Defense 69
Speed 10
Guts 16
Experience reward 5500
Wealth $407
Drops Jar of Fly Honey
Vulnerable to PK Fire
Location Threed

The Boogey Tent is a boss found in EarthBound, appearing in Threed during the zombie invasion. Not much is known about the Boogey Tent, other that it is used for storing Master Belch's favorite food, Fly Honey, and that it appeared spontaneously in Threed. After Jeff rescues Ness and Paula from the zombie prison, the tent will appear. After they defeat it, they are contacted on the Receiver Phone by Apple Kid who tells them about his latest invention.

In battle, the Boogey Tent can use a "pale green light" which acts like the Neutralizer, canceling all PSI effects on itself and all members of the player's party. It can also immobilize a party member by spitting Fly Honey at him or her, simply bash into one party member for minor damage, use a Defense Spray to boost its defense, and use PSI Flash α.

Its sprite is the similar to a Squatter Demon, an enemy found much later in the Cave of the Past. Its in-battle theme is Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent.

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