Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
Mother 3
Type Weapon
Cost $280 Mother
$148 EarthBound
1000 DP Mother 3
Sells for $140 Mother
$69 EarthBound
Equippable by Lloyd Mother
Dropped from Bomber Mother
Attack Slug (1/128), Slimy Little Pile (1/32), Trick or Trick Kid (1/32) EarthBound
Atomic Power Robot (3%), Mecha-Mole! (3%), Minor Robot (3%), Squawking Boomstick (10%) Mother 3
Found Reindeer Dept. Store, Duncan's Factory, Mt. Itoi Caves Mother
Threed Arms Dealer, Desert Arms Dealer, Fourside Department Store, Scaraba Arms Dealer, Desert Gold Mine, Peaceful Rest Valley, Grapefruit Falls, Belch's Factory EarthBound
Candrum Underpass, Chimera Lab, Sea Floor Dungeon Mother 3
Description Maybe only Loid can detonate it. Mother
Damages an enemy when used during battle. Because of its explosive power, it may effect others besides the target creature. Gone after one use.EarthBound
Battle Item. Mother 3

Bombs (ボム Bomu) are items in the Mother series.

EarthBound Beginnings

In EarthBound Beginnings, they deal 30 fire damage to all enemies. They can only be used by Lloyd


In Earthbound, Bombs inflict 45-135 damage to the target and ~23-67 "splash" damage to the enemies on either side of the target. They can be used by all characters. There is also a stronger version, the Super bomb.

Mother 3

Bombs in Mother 3 work as they do in EarthBound. Mother 3 also introduces several new types of bombs, including the Running Bomb, Sprinting Bomb , Thunder Bomb and the New Year's Eve Bomb.

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