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"A Beanling coated in sparkling syrup. You'll only come across this monster if you've got good luck."
Battle Memory
Black Beanling
Blackbeanling BlackBeanlingback
Relatives Beanling
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Rare enemy
Level 30
Hit points 377
Psychic points 300
Offense 50
Defense 25
IQ 48
Speed 99
Experience reward 16080
Wealth 0 DP
Vulnerable to PK Freeze
Location Sunshine Forest (Chapter 4 onwards)
In-battle theme More Mischievous Blues

The Black Beanling is a rare enemy in Mother 3. Only found in the Sunshine Forest from Chapter 4 onwards, this enemy is distinct in the fact that it does not drop an item nor give any DP when defeated, but instead gives a disproportionately large amount of experience points.

Approaching this enemy will cause it to move away and if it is cornered then it will dig into the ground and resurface after 4 or 5 seconds.

His battle sound is Battle Sound 1 which falls under Code Numbers 439 for regular attack, 440 for Smaaaash! and 441 for Miss.

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