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Bionic Kraken
Bionic Kraken
Sprites Diamond
Relatives Kraken
Appears in EarthBound
Status Rare
Hit points 900
Psychic points 60
Offense 155
Defense 195
Speed 42
Guts 1
IQ 32
Experience reward 50308
Wealth $960
Drops Gutsy Bat
Location Cave of the Past

The Bionic Kraken is an enemy in EarthBound that appears rarely in the third section of the Cave of the Past, right before you enter the cave to fight Giygas. It is a stronger, upgraded version of the Kraken, although Krakens have more HP; Bionic Krakens are pink, and spew a red flame as opposed to the Kraken's orange one, and possess the same attacks as their predecessors (e.g. Crashing Boom Bang attack, breathing fire, etc.). It can also stir up a tornado that will cause major damage to the party, and emit a pale green light which has the same effect as a Neutralizer. Fortunately, these beasts are fought alone, and using the party's most powerful PSI reduces the difficulty.

The Bionic Kraken is the only enemy to drop the Gutsy Bat.


  • The EarthBound Player's Guide has a mistake in it; it states that the regular Kraken can drop the Gutsy Bat, when in reality it is the Bionic Kraken that can.

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