Big Spud Bug
Big Spud Bug 1 Big Spud Bug 2
Sprites Big Spud Bug Overworld
Age Three years older than it was as a Spud Bug
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Normal
Type Normal
Level 30
Hit points 280
Psychic points 50
Offense 88
Defense 20
IQ 31
Speed 32
Experience reward 159
Wealth 21 DP
Drops Sprinting Bomb (3% chance)
Vulnerable to Crying
Location Sunshine Forest (Chapter 4 onwards)
In-battle theme Mischievous Blues
"Three years later, the Spud Bug is now a respectable adult. But what does that even mean for a bug?"
Battle Memory

Big Spud Bugs are enemies in Mother 3. They can be found in the upper part of Sunshine Forest from Chapter 4 onwards, and are grown-up versions of the Spud Bugs from previous chapters. They have a small chance of dropping a Sprinting Bomb.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 29, a battle sound used exclusively by spud bugs and roaches, which falls under Code Numbers 523 for regular attack, 524 for Smaaaash! and 525 for Miss.

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