"These sad looking guys hang out in the castle cellar. They'd like to use psychic powers, but can't. In fact, they won't attack you at all, so you can't lose! Drops Nut cookie (70%)."
— Mother 3 Guidebook
"He and Li'l Bro can't decide on their names. If it's any help, this little guy is the older bro."
— Battle Memory

The Big Bro is an enemy in Mother 3. They appear in Osohe Castle during Chapter 2. Its appearance is that of a pink creature, with an old-looking face and lanky arms and legs. Despite its name, the Big Bro is smaller than its relative, the Li'l Big Bro. They form a Bro Team later in the game, replacing all instances of the Big Bro in Osohe Castle.


Big Bros are weak, speedy enemies with low HP, offense and defense; despite this, they actually possess relatively powerful PSI skills such as PSI Fire α, PSI Freeze β, and Lifeup β. However, they tend to miss often, and will waste turns trembling or bumbling in fear. Their in-battle theme is Dry Guys.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 49 which falls under Code Numbers 906 for regular attack, 907 for Smaaaash! and 908 for Miss. However, hacking is required to get it to use its battle sound as it never attacks physically and is immune to Brainshock, you can't even fight these guys when Kumatora is in your party anyway.