The Big bottle rocket is an item in EarthBound. It can be used in-battle by Jeff to cause damage to opponents, and is essentially five Bottle rockets as a single item, and can do up to 750 damage to a single enemy. Any of the 5 Bottle rockets can miss, affecting the damage roll.There are multiple ways to obtain Big bottle rockets; they can be found in two Gift boxes (in Dusty Dunes Desert and its Desert Gold Mine), dropped by the Crazed Sign and the Sentry Robot (there is a 2/128 chance for both), or bought from the Arms Dealers in Fourside's Department Store and in Scaraba's Hotel. They are sold to Ness and co. for $139, and can be resold for $69.


  • There is a small glitch in the game about the Big Bottle Rocket. If Ness uses it outside of battle, it will say something like, "Ness could not use the Broken Bazooka very well."

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