Beef Jerky
Appears in EarthBound
Mother 3
Type Food
Cost $70
Sells for $35
Heals 150 HP
Poo Heals 6 HP
Best Condiments Ketchup Packet
Dropped from Great Crested Booka (2/128), Arachnid!!! (4/128)
Found Deep Darkness
Description Recipe for making jerky. Obtain some type of meat, slice it into pieces about half of an inch thick. Hang the pieces on a laundry line or something like it and leave out in the sun for maybe 6 months... Well, that's what my recipe says. When eaten, you recover about 150 HP.
Mother 3
Cost 26 DP
Sells for 13 DP
Heals 60 HP
Dropped from Agitated Boar (70%), Crag Lizard (20%), Balding Eagle (70%), Spineless Lobster (20%), Ghost Armor (20%), Carpet Monster (15%), Rockin' Ghost (15%), Great Antlion (10%), Cactus Wolf (100%), Li'l Big Bro (70%), Pork Tank (70%), Ostrelephant (5%), Parental Kangashark (10%), Bro Team (30%), Ancient Dragonfly (15%)
Found Factory (Shop), can be bought for 2 Rotten Eclairs at Osohe Castle
Description Carefully sun-dried meat. Restores 60 HP.

Beef Jerky is a healing item that can be found in EarthBound and Mother 3.


It restores about 150 HP, and is best paired with a ketchup packet. This item can be bought at Scaraba for $70. There are also two other types of jerky: Spicy Jerky, which recovers 300 HP, and Luxury Jerky, which recovers 400 HP.

Mother 3Edit

Beef Jerky reappears in Mother 3; though it heals only 60 HP, it is a far more common item, often found in gift boxes and as a drop from various enemies. The other types of jerky in this game are Doggy Jerky and Double Jerky.

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