Beautiful UFO
Kikubari Yūhō
Sprites Ufo
Relatives Cute Li'l UFO, Li'l UFO, High-class UFO
Hit points 339
Psychic points 15
Offense 86
Defense 87
Speed 59
Guts 1
Experience reward 8257
Wealth $426
Drops Kraken Soup
Location Scaraba

The Beautiful UFO is an enemy in EarthBound that appears in Scaraba. It looks like a female form of the High-class UFO, found within the same area, but is somewhat less common. Like the other members of the UFO family of enemies, it moves around the overworld very quickly, making it difficult to avoid an encounter. Though it is not much of a threat in battle, it may occasionally use some PSI techniques.

Upon defeat, it has a chance of dropping a Kraken Soup, an expensive food item that fully restores the consumer's HP.

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