Sprites Beanling-1
Origin Sunshine Forest
Relatives Black Beanling
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Rare Enemy
Nom de guerre Beanling
Level 15
Hit points 138
Psychic points 150
Offense 43
Defense 20
IQ 20
Speed 28
Experience reward 538
Wealth 0 DP
Vulnerable to PK Freeze, bombs
Location Sunshine Forest
In-battle theme Mambo de Battle
"It may seem like a pushover since it runs from you, but this plant packs PK fire Alpha if you manage to fight it face - to - face."
— The Mother 3 Guidebook
"The beanling is a very mysterious creature. It's also quick to run away. If you can catch one, it'll be a great day."
— Battle memory

Beanlings are rare, small, green-colored beans encountered in the game Mother 3. These enemies aren't very tough, but are worth a lot of experience points at the time Flint can fight them. Beanlings can only be encountered in the Sunshine Forest only in Chapter 1. After that, the forest is impassible until Chapter 4, where they are replaced by the Black Beanling. The only attack that this enemy knows is PK Fire α. This enemy should be dealt with quickly because they will run away after a few turns.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 46 which falls under Code Numbers 897 for regular attack, 898 for Smaaaash! and 899 for Miss. It is the only enemy with this battle sound that doesn't require hacking in order to hear it.

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