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Battle Against A Machine is a battle theme in EarthBound that plays when battling Giygas's stronger minions. It is heard very rarely until Ness returns to Onett and inside the Cave of the Past.

In Mother 1 + 2 it is slightly lower in tone and less techno-sounding than the original. It is considered one of the more notable instances of the GBA's inferior audio compression. 
Battle Against a Machine - Earthbound Music Extended30:00

Battle Against a Machine - Earthbound Music Extended

Trivia Edit

  • Mother: Cognitive Dissonance uses this theme for some mechanical enemies.
  • A theme from Undertale, Battle Against A True Hero, has a striking resemblance to the titles, and have a similar feel in roles.
Mother 1 2 music Machine Opponent-002:11

Mother 1 2 music Machine Opponent-0

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