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Origin Tazmily Village
Location Cerulean Beach
Appears in Mother 3
"All the forest critters are acting weird, and I'm suddenly getting real bad vibes here...Oh, no, I mean that in a good way! What I meant to say is, I'm getting GOOD bad vibes, if that makes sense.*thump* *thump*"
— Bateau

Bateau is a Character in Mother 3. He is notable for his close resemblance to Picky Minch, from Mother 2 (Earthbound).

He runs a postal service which utilizes Carrier Pigeons as delivery tools, but after the three year time skip, he uses more advanced methods for delivery. In Chapter 8 he can be found in front of the arcade in New Pork City.

He lives in the north of Cerulean Beach.


  • His Japanese name uses the letters ハト (pidgeon)
  • Bateau means Boat in French

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