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Batangutan Batangutan2
Sprites Batangutan Battle
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Type Biological chimera
Level 28
Hit points 213
Psychic points 0
Offense 60
Defense 22
IQ 20
Speed 18
Experience reward 70
Wealth 50
Drops Ancient Banana (15%)
Luxury Banana (1%)
Vulnerable to PK Fire, Sleep
Location Murasaki Forest
In-battle theme Stringent
"A strange creature whose wings are too weak for its heavy head. Watch out for its fleas."
Battle Memory

The Batangutan is an enemy found in Mother 3. Bantangutans can be encountered in Murasaki Forest near Club Titiboo and the Chimera Laboratory.

Per its name, "bat" and "orangutan", this chimera appears as an orangutan's head, with large bat wings acting as support and their only source of mobility. In the overworld, it moves about slowly, showing that its head is indeed too heavy for its wings.


The Batangutan usually sticks to standard attacks and sending fleas flying. It occasionally wastes turns being absentminded. Its battle theme is Stringent.

Batangutans are vulnerable to fire and sleepiness, and may drop an Ancient Banana or an extremely rare Luxury Banana when defeated.

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