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Barrier Trio
The Barrier Trio NormalBarrierTrio
Affiliations The Magypsies
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Boss, Shield
Nom de guerre Barrier Man, Barrier Dude, Barrier Gal
Level 48
Hit points 4000
Psychic points 999
Offense 145
Defense 121
IQ 70
Speed 41
Experience reward 12346
Wealth 1538 DP
Vulnerable to Varies
Location Tanetane Island
In-battle theme Strong One

The Barrier Trio is a boss in Mother 3. They are purple golem-like creatures created by the Magypsy Mixolydia to guard the Tanetane Island Needle. Inscribed on their chests are their names, "Barrier Man", "Barrier Dude", and "Barrier Gal".

Once defeated, the party attempts to take the Needle, but are preempted by the Masked Man and the Pigmask Army.


Their battle theme is Strong One, which is fitting for what is likely to be the most difficult boss up to this point. The Barrier Trio's arsenal is composed almost entirely of powerful PK attacks; they can use the β and γ levels of all elemental attacks, and they can bolster their already formidable Defense with Defense Up Ω (even though they are treated as a single enemy). The Trio are also immune to all status ailments.

First PhaseEdit

From their first turn, they will immediately strike a Barrier Pose, rendering themselves invincible to all but one element of PK for a few turns, based on who calls out the formation. The Barrier Man corresponds to fire, the Barrier Gal to ice, and the Barrier Dude to thunder; their weakness can be confirmed via Boney's Sniff ability.

The best strategy is to ensure first and foremost that the party is at a relatively high level, and well-prepared in terms of items, which usually means stocking up before heading to Tanetane; the necessities should be stored with the Item Guy before the trip, and can be retrieved post-hallucination. The most important items are naturally restorative ones, especially the Secret Herbs and cups of Lifenoodles to keep the party alive.

Once in battle, Lucas should immediately and constantly erect PSI Counters around the party to lower damage from the Barrier Trio's attacks and provide a constant source of damage. Lucas is also the best offensive choice physically between poses, and can double as healer easily. Kumatora will spend most of her turns getting around the Trio's Barrier Poses. This leaves Duster and Boney to handle most of the party's items when Duster isn't making use of his Tickle Stick. This can keep the Trio busy using Defense Up to rebuff, and may buy the party time for re-establishing psychic shields or buffs of their own.

Second PhaseEdit

When the Barrier Trio's HP get low, they will concentrate, signaling that they will use PK Starstorm on the next turn. PSI Shields and healing are the highest priority at this point, in order to counter the massive damage the party will likely suffer; once properly accounted for, the party must use whatever openings remain to deal as much damage as possible, including the highest level of PK Love available to Lucas.

The signal for their defeat is when they concentrate again, but don't have enough strength left to do another PK Starstorm. Once their HP is completely depleted, the exhausted trio will then perform a final, spectacular Barrier Pose before meeting their demise.


  • They might be a reference to the Pillar Men, from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency. There are 3 of them, they're made of stone and come to life, are probably older than human civilization, and they have a tendency to strike very passive and suggestive fighting poses.

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