"Spends all day sniffing a faint odor lingering inside the barrel. Not a bad guy at heart."
Battle Memory
"He's not a barrel of laughs and he's not very strong. Give him the old one - two and watch him roll away. Drops Nut Bread (70%)."
— Mother 3 Guidebook

The Barrel Man is an enemy in Mother 3. Barrel Men are bipedal creatures that live in broken barrels within the cellar of Osohe Castle. They usually fight alone, and will sneak up on the party when their backs are turned.


Barrel Man has a fairly powerful standard attack, along with a sweet fragrance that can put someone to sleep. Their battle theme is, And El Mariachi, referencing their European (specifically Spanish) wine barrel appearance. It is easily rendered helpless with PK Fire and/or Smoke Bombs, and often drops Nut Bread.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 10 which falls under Code Numbers 466 for regular attack, 467 for Smaaaash! and 468 for Miss.