Bag of Dragonite
Appears in EarthBound
Type Battle Item
Cost $1000
Sells for $500
Found Monkey Cave
Fire Spring
Tenda Village
Description If you sprinkle the powder on one of your friends during battle, that friend turns into a dragon and attacks all enemies. Gone after one use.

A Bag of Dragonite is an item in EarthBound which when used, "transforms" a party member into a dragon, allowing them to deal a massive amount of damage to most foes (with the exception of Giygas). It can only be used once, and it is a fairly rare item with only six available in the game.

Sometimes, the attack is so powerful that it can inflict mortal damage on one of the party members, often the one near the user. 

Etymology Edit

'Dragonite' comes from Dragon and the suffix -ite, common in stones and minerals.

The name "Dragonite" is also seen in Pokémon as the English name of the 149th Pokémon.

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