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B.B. Gang
Sprites B.B.overworld B.B. Gang B.B.gangJ
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
EarthBound Beginnings
Status Normal
Hit points 80
Psychic points 0
Offense 60
Defense 125
Fight 40
Speed 40
Wisdom 20
Strength 20
Force 20
Experience reward 72
Wealth $60
Drops Flame Thrower
Location Ellay
B.B. Gang

The B.B. Gang, also known as the Bla-Bla Gang (ブラブラだん, Black Blood Gang in Mother) is a gang of street punks in EarthBound Beginnings. Their Japanese name appears to reference the Bloods, while their blue outfits clearly reference the Crips; the Bloods & Crips are two prominent rival street gangs in Los Angeles, the city that Ellay is based off of.

The B.B. Gang can only be found and fought in Ellay, appearing in various places because they have taken over the city. They have fairly high offense, and very high defense, so it's easier to use PSI attacks instead. They may drop a Flame Thrower, and give $60. If talked to with Teddy is in the party they do not attack, instead saying "Hi! Teddy! How are you doin'?" These enemies can be fought over and over again by talking to them.

In the original Famicom release, members smoked cigarettes. These were removed in later versions.

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