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Attack Slug
Clay slug
Sprites AttackSlug
Bug Overworld
Relatives Pit Bull Slug
Appears in EarthBound
Hit points 30
Psychic points 6
Offense 9
Defense 2
Speed 1
Guts 0
Experience reward 27
Wealth $6
Drops Bomb
Location Giant Step

The Attack Slug, known as Reckless Slug in Japan, is a weak enemy in EarthBound located in the Giant Step cave. It's a beige-colored slug whose only threat comes from the fact that it often attacks in groups as large as six, and possesses PSI Hypnosis α. (This usually fails, as its initial condition is "Cannot Concentrate".) Attack Slugs have a 1/128 chance of dropping Bombs.

Attack slugs can give off easy experience early on in the Giant Step cave. A similar enemy called the Pit Bull Slug appears later in Deep Darkness. It's in-battle theme is Battle Against a Weird Opponent.

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