Artsy Ghost
Artsy Ghost Artsy Ghost 2
Sprites Artsy Ghost Sprite
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Type Ghost
Level 15
Hit points 187
Psychic points 10
Offense 55
Defense 18
IQ 20
Speed 21
Experience reward 46
Wealth 0
Drops Peculiar Cheese (15% chance)
Vulnerable to Crying
Wall Staples
PK Fire
Location Osohe Castle
In-battle theme Etude for Ghosts
"Art is dead! Or so it declares, but there doesn't seem to be any evidence of this."
Battle Memory

The Artsy Ghost is an enemy in Mother 3. It disguises itself as a painting, and can usually be found in the chimney areas of Osohe Castle.

They can only be encountered by in Chapter 2; in Chapter 3, these paintings were destroyed by the Pigmask Army.


The Artsy Ghost uses either standard physical attack or PK Freeze β, which will more than likely mean trouble for Duster if he encounters them on his own. It also wastes a turn by passionately discussing art.

Conversely, Duster's Thief Tools (specifically Wall Staples and Smoke Bombs) and Kumatora's PK Fire can easily render the ghost a non-issue.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 30 which falls under Code Numbers 526 for regular attack, 527 for Smaaaash! and 528 for Miss.


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