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Sprites Arachnid! Overworld (EarthBound)
Relatives Arachnid!, Arachnid!!!!
Appears in EarthBound
Status Normal
Type Insect
Hit points 334
Psychic points 0
Offense 87
Defense 86
Speed 20
Guts 4
Experience reward 10449
Wealth $412
Drops Beef Jerky (4/128)
Vulnerable to PSI Fire
PSI Freeze
Insecticide Spray
Location The Pyramid
This article is about the EarthBound enemy. For the similarly-named Arachnid enemies, see Arachnid! or Arachnid!!!!.

Arachnid!!! are enemies found in EarthBound. They are spiders with a blue-purple pattern, having a string of web spewing out of its back, and clearly showing their poisonous fangs. Like most insect-type enemies, they are weak to fire, ice and Insecticide Spray. They are encountered in Scaraba, only stationed in the Pyramid area. Though they have quite a low amount of defense and offense points, they attack in groups, and are notoriously known for poisoning a target 20% of the time.

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