Apple Kid
Apple Klayd
Sprites Apple Kid
Origin Twoson
Appears in EarthBound

Apple Kid is a character in EarthBound. The first time Ness talks to him, Apple Kid asks for a food item and $200.00 to fund his experiments. Of the two inventors residing in Twoson, Apple Kid is largely seen by local residents as lazy, incapable and lonely. However, if the player chooses to fund Apple Kid, they quickly realize that these residents are only right on two counts, as Apple Kid excels at making useful items for Ness and his friends including the Pencil Eraser, which is useful for erasing statues shaped like pencils that may be blocking their path. After this he invents Zombie Paper, which is delivered to Ness by a Mach Pizza deliveryman. This item is used much like fly paper, but for zombies and proves to be helpful in the zombie-infested town of Threed.

Once Ness destroys the Evil Mani Mani, Apple Kid invents the Yogurt Dispenser which dispenses trout-flavored yogurt which is given to Pokey Minch's maid, Electra, in return for access to the penthouse of Fourside's Monotoli Building. Apple Kid later collaborates with Dr. Andonuts, father of Jeff Andonuts, with whom he invents the Eraser Eraser which, like the Pencil Eraser is useful for erasing eraser-shaped statues. The two also join forces with the intellectually advanced Mr. Saturn to create the Phase Distorter, which is stolen by Pokey, and later the Phase Distorter versions 2 and 3, which allow Ness and friends to travel backwards in time and confront Giygas.


  • Apple Kid may be a real life metaphor for Tesla: his inventions seemed ridiculous but were key in forcing aliens to kill themselves to end their suffering (allowing Pokey to take over the world, but that's a different story). The Orange Kid, by contrast, is Edison, who used his status to become prominent without inventing things that were nearly as useful.
  • In Mother 3, the Pigmask who removes his helmet in Lydia's house bears a resemblance to the Apple Kid, and, although highly unlikely, could possibly be him as he is unnamed, and their leader mentions that they were ordinary people sent forward in time.

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