Annoying Old Party Men are human enemies that are found in Earthbound. They are first encountered by Ness via the path between Twoson and the haunted tunnel to Threed. These guys look like a squinting, surprised-looking businessmen, with a pose that looks like he's running from something. His overworld sprite looks like the manager at most of the hotels in Eagleland.

This guy can waste turns when he's "wobbly" and "reeling". His standard attack deals moderate to high damage due to his high guts. This guy can "Grumble about today's youth" that lowers Ness and co.'s guts to a low to moderate rate. After the end of the battle, he awards Ness and co. with 130 EXP. He drops a protein drink at (2/128) of chance. His in-battle theme is "Battle Against a Weak Opponent".