And El Mariachi
MOTHER 3- And El Mariachi02:05

MOTHER 3- And El Mariachi

Sound Player number 81
Code number 1963
Heartbeat code number 1763
Tempo 144 BPM
Enemies Barrel Man, Cattlesnake, Cactus Wolf

And El Mariachi is a battle theme in Mother 3. Despite the name, the song is actually a tango, which is quite easy to combo to. 2/3 into the song, it becomes a bossa nova, almost like a background song at an elevator. You can also hear this song when fighting an unused boss called Straw.

And Yet, El MariachiEdit

And Yet, El Mariachi
MOTHER 3- And Yet, El Mariachi02:13

MOTHER 3- And Yet, El Mariachi

Sound Player number 176
Code number 1163
Heartbeat code number 1863
Tempo 144 BPM
Other tempo 142 BPM at 0:11, 98 BPM at 0:28 and 1:10
Enemies Carefree Jellyfish, Cleocatra

And Yet, El Mariachi is the harder version. It is basically the same, except that at 2 times, the player must follow the three notes that play in slow succession. These happen at 0:28 and 1:10. It also slows down very slightly at 0:11.

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