Ana Clay Model
Sprites Ana Ghost Ana HatlessAna ReadingAna
Age 12 years old
Origin Snowman
Relatives Unnamed father, Unnamed mother
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings and Mother 1 + 2

Ana (アナ), written as Anna in Japanese sources, is a character in EarthBound Beginnings. She is normally the third character to join Ninten, and is also the only member of his team, excluding Pippi, who is female. She usually uses frying pans as her primary weapon, along with many powerful PSI powers.


Ana is a sweet young girl who lives in a church (or "chateau" in EarthBound Beginnings) in the land of Snowman with her father, where she is famous for her psychic powers, when she joins the adventurers. She dislikes using said powers and will only use them when truly necessary. Although she is not very brave and has never ventured out of Snowman alone to that point, she is described as kind at heart, with a great sense of direction. According to her character profile, she once saved frogs from being dissected in her school. Recently, she could not sleep because of her dreams. The people of Snowman became concerned about her when she suddenly stopped coming to school. Her mother has disappeared, and she wants to find clues as to her abduction in Youngtown.

Ana is considered a stereotypical heroine with weak physical strength, similar to her EarthBound counterpart, Paula. She reveals later in the game that she is in love with Ninten, although it is unclear whether she and Ninten remain together after the game's events; in the ending of the English prototype and Mother 1 + 2, however, Ana is shown reading a letter from Ninten implying that they do remain a couple.

In Super Smash Bros. BrawlEdit

Ana SSBB Sticker

Ana appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a sticker. Attaching this sticker to the bottom of any character's trophy in The Subspace Emissary increases their power for full-body attacks and spinning attacks by 7.


  • Ana is the only playable character in Mother who can use Offensive PSI.
  • In the manual of Mother, it is stated that Ana is a Christian and a devout reader of the Bible.
  • The Encyclopedia Mother says that Ana's zodiac sign is Capricorn and that she was born the day before Christmas Eve, or December 23. This makes Ana the only character in the series to have a stated birthdate.
  • Ana, Ness, Paula, and Lucas are the only characters in the series who can achieve 1 hit KOs. Out of them Ana has the easiest time doing so since she has two moves which can cause instant death. (namely PK Fire Ω and PK Beam γ)
  • Ana is apparently skilled at playing piano.
  • Ana's highest stat not counting HP or PP is actually Force, normally going up by 4 or 5 with level ups.

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