Aloysius Minch
Sprites Aloysius Minch Aloysius Minch Fourside
Origin Onett
Relatives Pokey Minch, Picky Minch
Spouse Lardna Minch
Affiliations Monotoli Building
Appears in EarthBound
"By the way, I would be happy if you left sometime soon. I'm tired of your family living next door. We've loaned your father a lot of money. It may have been a hundred thousand dollars or more... Well, I guess it really could have been less, but because of the loan, my family and I now live in poverty!"
— Aloysius Minch, EarthBound

Aloysius Minch is a character in EarthBound. He is the father of Pokey and Picky Minch, two other boys from the suburbs of Onett. Because Aloysius allegedly loaned a few hundred thousand dollars to Ness's father (though he himself admits it could have been a lot less), and was never repaid, he and his family seem to hold a grudge against Ness and his own family for this reason alone. Aloysius also takes his anger out on his children because of his frustration over Ness' father's loan. He is seen again in Fourside at the Monotoli Building with his son, in the lap of luxury. But, when the Evil Mani Mani statue is defeated, Pokey selfishly flees the scene by hijacking the helicopter and flies away, leaving his father behind. After defeating Giygas you can find him in Jackie's Café.


  • The game's translator, Marcus Lindblom, explained in an interview with Giant Bomb that Aloysius's name is a reference to the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Beanstalk Bunny," in which Daffy provides it as a fake name.
  • In the Japanese version of Mother 2, when Ness takes Pokey and Picky home, Aloysius takes his sons upstairs to punish them by spanking them. In the English version, he takes Pokey and Picky upstairs, but does not spank them. Instead, Pokey says that his dad isn't letting him have dessert for the rest of the decade.
  • If you enter Pokey's house directly after the meteor crash, both Pokey's parents are not in the house. Picky tells Ness that they went out to an elegant restaurant.

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