The Alkaline Man is an unused enemy that appears in Mother 3. It is a palette swap of the Battery Man. It is unknown where the enemy was intended to appear.


The Alkaline Man can only be seen and battled by using a cheat code to alter the first enemy encountered in battle. Despite having completed sprites, an attack script, high stats, and its own exclusive background, the Alkaline Man does not react to or attack the party at all. According to its battle script, it would have been the only character besides Kumatora to know PK Ground.[citation needed] Its battle theme is Astonishing March.


The Alkaline Man being fought in the Japanese version of Mother 3.

The Alkaline Man is most vulnerable to PK Freeze and bombs, and cannot be defeated by PK Flash. It drops 1280 experience points upon defeat.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 35 just like its weaker counterpart, Battery Man, which falls under Code Numbers 864 for regular attack, 865 for Smaaaash! and 866 for Miss. Further hacking is required to get it to use an attack that uses its battle sound.