Alec is a character in Mother 3. He is the father of Hinawa, father in-law to Flint, grandfather of the twins from Tazmily Village. Alec resides in a log cabin on Mt. Oriander. He joins Flint temporarily because of Claus' disappearance. He suggests using the Drago Fang on the Mecha-Drago if Flint had not used it. He also has a limited supply of healing herbs which he can use to heal Flint.

Some time after the Pigmask Army modernizes Tazmily Village, Alec's cabin is destroyed by lightning, supposedly to make way for the "Oriander Observatory". Alec is moved to the rest home in Tazmily.


  • "Alec" is one of the names generated by the Don't Care option in EarthBound for Ness.
  • Alec breaks the fourth wall when he speaks to the player about saving in the prologue.
  • Alec resembles the Photo-Man from EarthBound.
  • If you approach Alec at Hinawa's grave during Chapter 3, he will give you Nut Bread.

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