"The look on his face growls, "Calm boars don't deserve to be called boars!""
Battle Memory

The Agitated Boar is an enemy that appears in Mother 3. They can be encountered on Mt. Oriander in Chapter 1 until Alec joins Flint on the journey to Drago Plateau.

The Wound-Up Road Hog, which appears later in Chapter 5, is a chimera that is an Agitated Boar with large, round wheels in place of its legs, and a wind-up key on its back.


Agitated Boars can charge at Flint for moderate damage, and waste turns kicking at the ground. Its battle theme is More Mischievous Blues.

They frequently drop Beef Jerky when defeated.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 6 which falls under Code Numbers 454 for regular attack, 455 for Smaaaash! and 456 for Miss.

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