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For the enemy fought while this battle theme plays, see Absolutely Safe Capsule.
Absolutely Safe Capsule
MOTHER 3- Absolutely Safe Capsule01:27

MOTHER 3- Absolutely Safe Capsule

Sound Player number 243
Code number 403
Tempo 150 BPM
Enemies Porky (within the Absolutely Safe Capsule)

Absolutely Safe Capsule is a battle theme in Mother 3. It plays once Lucas and co. have disabled Porky's Bed Mecha, and he calls in the titular capsule. The song chiefly consists of background noise, with a vibrato-heavy remix of LOG-O-TYPE played several times with gaps in between the cycles.

The party, despite the song being a battle theme, cannot actually harm the Absolutely Safe Capsule (nor the other way around) and therefore the game automatically ends the battle after two turns. Despite the fact that the characters cannot inflict any damage on the device, the song still has a heartbeat track and can be combo-ed to.

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