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A Letter to You, Honey
MOTHER 3- A Letter To You, Honey(01:05)
Sound Player number 14
Code number 48

A Letter to You, Honey is a song in Mother 3 that plays as Hinawa writes her last letter to Flint before leaving Alec's log cabin.

Carrier PigeonEdit

Carrier Pigeon
MOTHER 3- Carrier Pigeon(00:22)
Sound Player number 15
Code number 1513

Carrier Pigeon is similar to A Letter to You, Honey, but shorter, and it gets gradually slower, until it becomes an ominous sound. It plays when Hinawa releases the carrier pigeon, only to be interrupted seconds later by a Mysterious Flying Object.

Mysterious Flying ObjectEdit

Mysterious Flying Object
MOTHER 3- Mysterious Flying Object(00:20)
Sound Player number 16
Code number 647

Misterious Flying Object plays when the Pork Saucer is flying over Mt. Oriander, after Hinawa releases the carrier pigeon. It's just LOG-O-TYPE being played through the saucer's speakers, accompanied by hovering sounds.

Letter from You, My SweetEdit

Letter from You, My Sweet
MOTHER 3- Letter from You, My Sweet(01:20)
Sound Player number 35
Code number 432

Letter from You, My Sweet is a theme similar to A Letter to You, Honey, but plays when Flint is reading his wife's letter.

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