A Jar of Yummy Pickles is a key item in Mother 3, given to Lucas by the fifth Magypsy, Mixolydia, to bring to Ionia on Argilla Pass in Mt. Oriander. Lucas later trips and loses the jar on the way to Ionia's home, causing the party to search around the area for it. Boney finds it and brings it to Lucas, and the party continues their journey. Upon arriving at Ionia's house, the Jar of Pickles is given to Ionia to her delight.

Interestingly, when Boney picks up the pickles, text appears that says, "You found something that seems sour!" despite the fact that Boney would have no way of knowing the pickles were sour without actually eating them, and indeed, if the player talks to Ionia after giving her the pickles, she comments that "the dog drool was a bit disconcerting, though."

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